Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights

About Buena Vista

The neighborhood of Buena Vista in San Francisco is surrounded by many other neighborhoods such as Haight-Ashbury and Buena Vista Park. Its homeowners association takes pride in the quiet and peaceful neighborhood that they had self-proclaimed as the best kept secret of San Francisco. It is easy to tell why, even with the low profile that this community has kept for years.
One of the reasons why it has remained relatively quiet and hidden is the fact that this neighborhood is built on a steep slope. It is hard to get to and is free from tourists and curious city dwellers. This area rises sharply once you get past Market Street. This is great news for those who live in this neighborhood, because noise is minimized where they live. Additionally, Buena Vista boasts stellar views of the city from atop the hill.
Buena Vista is one of the more desirable neighborhoods due to its views, elevation, and sense of exclusivity. With only about 8,000 people, it is expected that the number of residents in Buena Vista won’t rise anytime soon. Residents love the peaceful escape from the busy city. The abundance of natural and green areas in the neighborhood is also perfect for nature lovers and pet owners.

About Ashbury Heights

Ashbury Heights is a neighborhood in San Francisco, located on a hill south of Haight-Ashbury. The neighborhood is developed at the base of Tank Hill, and is within close proximity to Cole Valley.
Most of the properties in Ashbury Heights are single-family homes, and date back to the early 20th century. There are several condominiums and apartment buildings in this neighborhood as well.
Aside from the proximity to shopping and other notable attractions in the city of San Francisco, the friendly atmosphere within the neighborhood is one of its most promising characteristics. This is part of the reason why this neighborhood is so peaceful. The fact that it is surrounded by nature also contributes to its sense of calm and peace, which elevates the quality of life in this neighborhood. Homeowners claim that Ashbury Heights is one of only a few neighborhoods that enable them to enjoy green scenery as they look out their windows. Since there are no restaurants or shopping centers within this neighborhood, residents can drive a few minutes to fulfill their dining or shopping needs. Public transportation is also easily accessible for commuters.

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