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How to Succeed as a Bay Area Homebuyer

Vivre Real Estate February 12, 2022

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How to Succeed as a Bay Area Homebuyer
It has not been the easiest time for home buyers.
A recent piece from the New York Times details how, “[f]or nearly two years, home buyers have been shopping in conditions ripe for regret.“
Examples include:
  • A Florida couple, priced out of their local market, who bought a country farmhouse—cows and all—but soon realized it wasn’t for them.
  • A Seattle resident who maxed out her budget to win her dream home, but lost her financial freedom.
  • Another couple who opted for a historic fixer-upper, but the fixing-up proved too ambitious.
Such stories are increasingly common in a market ruled by rising prices, fierce competition and slim pickings of homes for sale.
Which brings us to Exhibit B, from The Atlantic: When Will Be a Good Time to Buy a House?

The Best Time to Buy a Bay Area Home

In short, the pandemic only exacerbated the preexisting housing shortage. While mortgage rate hikes and buyer burnout may temper the rise of home prices this year (see our 2022 Market Predictions blog), the underlying supply issues aren’t going away.
In other words: Don’t hold your breath for a dramatic market reversal (at least here in the Bay Area and other highly desirable locations).
So, what IS the best way for a happy outcome as a home buyer?
The NYT article shares a success story too, about a Brooklyn woman who established firm priorities—location and budget, in her case—and where she was willing to compromise.
Knowing your limits, and partnering with an experienced and trusted real estate advisor to help you stick to them as you navigate the market, is the key.
That’s what we’re here for.
If you have a story about this real estate market, we’d love to hear it. Just reply!
And as always, please feel free to reach out with any real estate questions. We are always happy and grateful to help you and anyone you send our way!

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