Office-to-Condo Conversions: San Francisco's Housing Solution?

Vivre Real Estate October 29, 2023


Artistic depiction of a San Francisco office being converted into condos

Transforming San Francisco With Office-to-Condo Conversions

Have you heard about the latest trend reshaping San Francisco's real estate landscape? It's the transformation of office spaces into condominiums. This innovative approach is a creative step towards addressing our city's housing needs, although it's not the ultimate fix.

Tax Incentives: A Game Changer

San Francisco's Mayor Breed has proposed removing the transfer tax on buildings undergoing such conversions. This move aligns with the recommendations from a Brookings analysis, aiming to convert empty office spaces into residential homes efficiently. It's a strategy that not only addresses housing supply but also touches on affordability and homelessness issues.

Mortgage Trends: Navigating Rising Rates

In other news, the financial landscape is shifting with mortgage rates soaring to a 23-year high, now averaging around 8% nationally. However, it's not all bleak for San Francisco buyers, who often secure rates 1-2% lower than the national average. If you're contemplating your options in this market, we're here to connect you with reliable local lenders.

San Francisco Luxury Condo Market: A Cooling Trend

A significant trend in our luxury condo market is the cooling off of sales and prices, particularly for properties initiated between 2017 and 2019. This presents a unique opportunity for those seeking a high-amenity, low-maintenance lifestyle. If this interests you, now might be the perfect time to make your move.

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