Superpowers: Celebrating Pride and the Power of Diversity as Top San Francisco Realtors

Vivre Real Estate June 3, 2023


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Top San Francisco Realtors Vivre Celebrate Pride 2023

Hi friends,

As June unrolls its red carpet for Pride, we couldn’t be prouder at Vivre Real Estate! 

But just as this month is a time of celebration, it's also an opportunity for introspection. Unfortunately, the real estate industry (and our nation) does not have a gleaming track record when it comes to equal opportunities for all. The freedom to love freely, to be ourselves authentically, is under attack in many places.

At Vivre, we’re committed to enhancing your home life in a way that upholds the principles of equality, freedom, and respect for everyone, regardless of who you are or whom you love. Is it so crazy to think that achieving homeownership, and the generational wealth that follows, should be a fair game for everyone (including our chosen families)?

Our founder, top San Francisco Realtor Danielle Lazier, has always said that the magic of real estate lies in the genuine connections we make with people. As a young agent, she didn't fit the mold of a "traditional" real estate professional (pink hair, jeans, and all!). Managers encouraged her to conform to societal norms (smile more, assert less, be less ambitious). And that’s what she faced as a white, college-educated, cisgendered woman—you can imagine how much worse it would be for others who present differently.

Luckily for Danielle, a handful of top agents who are POC, LGBTQ and women went out of their way to act as her mentor. They let her know that not only should she not conform, she should lean into her differences. That her differences would be her superpower.

They were right! Fast forward to today, and Danielle’s unique strengths have become the basis of a rewarding, 21+ year career. In a way, they're what brought us here, writing to you now. (Hi!)

So, this month, we are proud of how we serve a diverse clientele through even-handed, unprejudiced, expert advisorship. We are proud to pass along lessons we’ve learned, and we are grateful for those who came before and gave us the courage to be ourselves.

That’s what we’re celebrating this month. Join us?

Happy Pride!

Danielle, Josh, and Katie
The Vivre Real Estate team

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